Why You Should Consider Watching “Exodus: Gods & Kings”

Courtesy of Londoncitynights.com

Just watched ‘Exodus: Gods & Kings’ today with my wife, brother, mom, & dad. A very rare occasion indeed, since my parents are not into watching in cinema that much. I think they were willing to watch it simply because it’s a biblical story.

Although some friends think that this movie is boring as hell, and it does have the potential to be one, I like Ridley Scott’s approach on this one of very popular biblical stories.

I found two interesting points in this movie. One; how it is a bit less religious & more scientific/logic. Two; the relationsip between God & Moses.

I think RS and his team were trying to rationalize the godly events that happened in this story, however, without leaving God’s works in assisting Moses guiding Israelis out of Egypt. A very good job, by the way.

The display of God’s relationship with His disciple in this movie is quite different compared to previous biblical stories, where all the prophets were always agree on whatever God told them to do.

Moses is portrayed as a very strong-willed & courageous employee that often disagrees with his boss’s methods in dealing with things, because he finds them too ‘extreme’. However, he has the same desire of what to be expected as the outcomes.

On the other hand, God is pictured as a very strongheaded & persistent employer, but His only wish is to bring out the best of His employees.

I find this movie is providing us with a fresh point of view of what we already read & imagined through the Bible & Koran.

As we are all individuals with the freedom to interpret & imagine this particular story, what did you get after watching ‘Exodus: Gods & Kings’? Furthermore, to all my friends that haven’t watched this movie, I encourage you to. But just be patient & try not to fall asleep 😀

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