Cyberbullying: Why Can We Just Be Nice?

Horror movies, poisonous animals, trapped in a dark room. Those are probably the scariest thing that can ever happened to an individual. But do you wanna know what I think is?


I specifically talking about social media (but not limited to) commentary sections. It makes us so easy to love and hate, also to ignite an e-brawl. Just because you can hide your face through the internet, it doesn’t mean you gotta be a jerk. you know.

It is – so far – an incurable disease. It may not affect our body physically, but the bad words we typed and threw to pretty much anybody, can destroy their mental.

Can we stop it? Can we be nice in social media just like we being nice in the real world? What makes it so hard?


I posted this content on my Facebook account as well. A friend of mine, Steven Ghoos, gave a very insightful feedback:

I think the point is that social media allows any person to interact and post comments. Especially those frustrated people will like to put comments that can impact you. My solution would be to not accept random friend requests and not interact at open forums that have no social controls about who is in it. Having said that, being nice is not the same as being critical, because we need to stay critical. And there are many manipulative people that pretend to be nice too.. That’s why even social media cannot solve this issue.

I still believe that the constructive people who focus on giving instead of taking are the ones that will persevere. Besides, the manipulative takers are like parasites and need us to stay alive. Let’s just ignore those and go on with our lives I’d say  As with all technology, one has to be careful how it’s used.

And as will all bullies, sometimes they need a hit back when it gets too much


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